The painter Ronny Carrera tells us about his origins in the world of art

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I’m Ronny Carrera, better known as Roca. I was born on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, in 1975.
From a very young age I was inclined towards the plastic arts. I discovered my talent, when my school teacher asked us in the classroom to make a drawing of a local woman, I made an exact portrait of the one she had proposed. From that moment on, I began to draw and paint the Galapagos flora and fauna, based on postcards and religious books that contained images of the exotic tropical paradise to learn the contours and shapes of each figure.

At the age of 9, I started creating empirical art with my old high school classmates, who are still my best friends; With them we made small sculptures of the animals of the islands, we built our art with sawdust and glue, we painted them by hand on canvas and T-shirts, and then we sold them on the streets traveled by tourists.

At the age of 22, I began working in gift shops, including establishing the Charles Darwin Research Station, where I painted for the public, which became very popular with passing travelers.

In 2009 I was part of the Lindbland National Geographic Artisan Fund, creating beautiful hand-painted paintings and t-shirts.

In 2021, together with my cousins ​​Boris, Leo and Felipe, we founded Artchipiélago, with the purpose of providing a unique and memorable experience for those who wish to have a piece of paradise in their homes through art.

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