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Each lucky recipient of an Artchipiélago gift card will allow them to acquire works of art for the value of the assigned quota.

You can purchase our works online or physically at the Artchipiélago Walking Gallery.

How does it work?

Registra los datos solicitados en el formularioa, y escoge el monto que quieres ofrecer, el valor minimo es de $50,00 dolares.

Envía el formulario para gestionar el pago a través de los canales de pago artchipié

Una vez validado el pago, nos encargamos del envío de la Gift Card al mail registrado. 

General terms and conditions of the Artchipiélago gift card

Purchase and use of a gift card
The purchase of a gift card at is created by Artchipiélago, based in Galapagos.
The amount purchased on the gift card is deducted from a purchase made on the website
If the amount selected in the basket is greater than the amount of the gift card, the difference is paid by the user who makes the purchase and is paid directly on the site through the available means of payment.
Gift cards are sent via email and can be personalized by the buyer. Therefore, the buyer can offer the gift card to a different person than the one specified on the website.
An expiration date will be indicated on the gift card, equal to six months after payment of the gift card on the site.

Artchipiélago is not responsible for the use of the gift card by an unauthorized person.
A gift card is non-refundable, even if it is lost or stolen, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
In the case of technical problems related to our website while the gift card is redeemed, and a request expressed by the buyer, Artchipiélago considers the possibility of issuing a replacement code.
If a work of art is returned after a purchase through the gift card, the amount of the gift card will be refunded by issuing the buyer a new gift card; the validity period will be 1 month, from the date of return.
Artchipiélago is not responsible if the buyer does not receive the gift card due to inaccurate information provided by said buyer. The buyer always has the possibility to contact customer services if they realize that they have made a mistake regarding the information indicated for the billing and receipt of their gift card.
Suspicion of fraud
In the event of suspected fraudulent activity regarding the use of the gift card, Artchipiélago reserves the right to reject its use immediately. In this case, Artchipiélago will contact the buyer to confirm the purchase.

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Online art gallery: Acquire work of arts in Artchipiélago

Buying art has never been easier: Artchipiélago is an online art gallery that allows collectors and art lovers to purchase artwork with total security. Works by renowned artists from the Galapagos Islands. Artchipiélago helps to promote the talent of local artists, making their art known around the world.

Buy art online: Artchipiélago

Why to buy on line art in Artchipiélago? Because we are the only gallery from Islas Galápagos that looks for to make you travel for this paradise trough art. We also simplify the experience of our clients, by taking care of the secure delivery of all the art works.

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