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Ronny Carrera

1975, Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Ronny was born in Galapagos, Santa Cruz in 1975. Since he was very young, he showed great talent for drawing, when his school teacher asked the students in the classroom to draw a picture of a local woman, Ronny’s drawing was perfect, an exact representation of the image the teacher had presented.  From that moment, Ronny began to draw the flora and fauna of Galapagos.  He used postcards and spelling religious books that contained imagery of exotic tropical paradise.

At the age of nine, he began to create empirical art with his former high school classmates who are still his best friends of him.  They made small sculptures of the animals of Galapagos from sawdust and glue, and hand painted on canvas and T- shirts to later sell on the sidewalks where the tourist walk to strolled.  When he was 22, Ronny began to work in gift shops, including the Charles Darwin Research Station Gift Shop.  There he painted in store for the public which was very popular with the travelers passing through.

In 2009 Ronny was part of the Lindblad National Geographic Artisan Fund, creating beautiful paintings and hand painted t-shirts. Finally, in 2021, he founded Artchipiélago with his cousins ​​Boris, Leo and Felipe, with the purpose of giving you a unique and memorable experience, taking you to this beautiful paradise through art.


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