The inspiration of Phillip Degel

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Plastic artist born in Belgium, he has been a resident of Galapagos for almost 50 years. Musician, singer-songwriter, poet, naturalist, painter and writer.

He lives with his children in Santa Cruz and exhibits permanently at the El Chato 2 tourist ranch, thanks to the sponsorship of David Arias, owner.

He is co-founder of the Galapagos Cultural Association; Manager and promoter of the development of the Galapagos arts as a way of life, island identity and engine of the community economy.

He participated in the Fourth World Summit of Arts for Peace. He has exhibited his works at the Zayapa piano bar and on two occasions at Av. Charles Darwin, under the coordination of the Galapagos Nucleus Culture House.

He paints with different techniques, creating his own and merging existing ones.

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