Carlos Palacios the artisan shares his origin

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Welcome! Hello, I am Carlos Palacios, I was born in San Gabriel, Carchi province, in 1954. I studied Plastic Arts at the Central University of Ecuador, where I obtained my title as a sculptor. I am a Master Ceramist and Screen Printer for the National Board of Defense of the Artisan.
At my young age I visited the Galapagos Islands to teach art classes and I fell in love with the islands. It has been 34 years since I work as a teacher at the Galapagos National College in the specialties of Special Options, Aesthetic Culture and Art Education.

I have participated in group exhibitions of sculpture and ceramics and of mixed techniques. In 1978 I obtained the First Prize in the National Young Sculptors Contest, organized by the Central University of Ecuador in Quito, and in 1979 the First Place of the Contest for the Monument of the Fisherman for San Cristóbal. In 2012 I was awarded an award, by the Municipality of Santa Cruz, for my work as a sculptor and for more works made in the province.

One of my emblematic works is the construction of the Gallery “La Casa de los Sueños”, which received an award from the GAD of Santa Cruz in 2018 and is open to the public with the exhibition of several of my works.
Thank you for visiting our page, I share my works with great affection for the world.

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